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The Winchendon School is one of the top private boarding schools in New England, offering a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, outstanding athletics and creative arts programs, and first-rate teaching faculty and facilities.

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The Problem

The Winchendon School had not refreshed their website for several years when they first approached HSM. The school hoped to rebrand their online presence with a new front-end website that could keep students and parents updated on the school’s current events and act as a marketing tool for potential parents and students to learn more about the school. Their vision was grand – they wanted all of their departments to have the ability to regularly add photos, news stories, and events while also providing intuitive informational pages for applicants looking to learn more about Winchendon.

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Our Solution

Using WordPress as our content management system we developed a new website that would meet the needs of The Winchendon School. We transferred and restructured all of their existing content, making the content much easier to navigate and understand. We also assisted with user creation so that different departments can access the website and regularly add and manage their corresponding content. Winchendon also had a backend website just for students, so we ensured that the front-end website’s look and feel were consistent with the backend website. Most importantly, we brought a modern look to the school’s website with clean graphics and intuitive layout and structure to aid in the school’s marketing efforts.

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The Results

The new Winchendon website generates thousands of visits per month from both current and prospective students, parents, and teachers across the globe. Some noteworthy metrics include:

Total page views

Unique visitors

Time on site

Returning visitors

HSM has been a big help to The Winchendon School. We have really appreciated the on-site training, the video tutorials, and their availability to guide and advise us on improvements or changes to the website that we might be planning. Even when we stump them with an issue that hasn’t been encountered before, they’re always ready to put in the time and effort to solve our issue, doing the necessary detective work to uncover the problematic code or other discrepancy there might be in order to get us back in business as quickly as possible.

Tom Nalesnik, Communications Manager

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