Who we are

We’re a creative team of marketers and entrepreneurs based in Boston. When we’re not innovating the web we’re travelers, artists, friends, photographers, musicians, and craft beer geeks. Our energetic, persistent work ethic knows no bounds and we strive to produce meaningful, measurable results for our customers.

What we’re about

We work closely with our customers to develop and improve their digital marketing efforts from the ground up. This includes branding, web hosting, digital strategy development, website design, SEO, lead generation, digital advertising, and more.

Why we do it

That’s easy. Our goal is to work with great organizations that promote quality products and services that help enrich people’s lives. We understand the web and know where it’s heading. Our solutions help ensure that our customers are proactive in their marketing efforts and are prepared for whatever tomorrow’s digital world has in store.

What’s in the name

Hide and seek is a game we played when we were young, but in our eyes it’s the same game that many companies play with their customers on a daily-basis. Games are fun but not when they directly impact your bottom line. We help our customers put an end to the game of hide and seek by fostering online visibility, implementing digital standards, and creating measurable results.

Clean, simple, playful and fun. Our logo and lettering represent our design style while also reflecting the nature of an enjoyable childhood game. Our playful fox symbolizes adaptability, intelligence, and skill.

HSM Lettering

HSM truly understood what I was looking for & completely nailed it!

Jeff Lazzarino, Maverick Productions

The website is incredible. HSM did a great job capturing my personality and style in a very easy-to-use website.

Shalrie Joseph, New England Revolution

We definitely could not be more pleased with the increased traffic and the fresh, polished look of the website. Vinwood could not have done this without the valuable support and services that HSM provides.

Jami Barry, Vinwood Caterers

The HSM team is creative, hardworking and pay attention to every detail. As a result, our site visits have increased with our new website.

Gagan Singh, Peniel Solutions