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What is SEO?

By June 29, 2011December 15th, 2014Digital Marketing
What is SEO, Search Engine Optimization, How to do Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is short for search engine optimization, and is actually one of the most important components of digital marketing, especially if you generate most of your clients online. SEO is the practice of optimizing your website or blog so that it can be found and ranked high by search engines. Proper optimization is done by improving many of the internal and external aspects of your website, in order to increase inbound traffic.

How does it work?

Take a search engine; Google for instance. Google has a specific algorithm (that is always changing, might I add) that ranks websites based on hundreds of different factors. Google and other search engines are frequently changing and altering their algorithm to prevent people from “figuring them out,” and cheating their way to the #1 spot for specific keywords. However, if you have a comprehensive understanding of SEO, you eventually should be able to consistently rank high for specific keywords that you’re targeting.

Our Strategy

At HSM, our approach to search engine optimization is completely organic. We don’t believe in “paying for placement,” like many companies do. We choose to do it the natural way, as it’s more effective and longstanding. In fact, many estimates have found that organic placement in search results can actually provide much more traffic than a paid ad spot in a search engine, as much as 3 clicks to 1.

How to optimize my site?

So you want to be found in search results? Don’t we all! Unfortunately, there is no “quick fix” for a successful SEO campaign. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that will take time, research, and patience. The end result, however, could mean a tremendous amount to your business, especially if there is a market of relevant customers who are searching for you or your products/services. Have a look at our SEO Guide.

To successfully optimize your website and rank high for your targeted keywords in search engines, you must carefully balance many SEO ingredients. While we take upwards of 100 factors into consideration when optimizing a website, some of the more vital ingredients include:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Article Submissions
  4. Relevant Content
  5. Consistent Use of Targeted keywords
  6. Appropriate and Frequent Inbound and Outbound Links
  7. Bolded Key Terms
  8. Consistent and Steady Website Traffic
  9. Your meta-data, which includes appropriate page titles, descriptions, keyword tags, etc.

There are many more important factors that search engines like Google take into consideration, however, these factors will either make or break your SEO campaign. If you’re looking for a great beginners guide to SEO, we’d suggest you have a look at this.


Joe from HSM

Hide & Seek Media is a digital marketing firm assisting business, organizations, athletes, and many other groups with their digital marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in learning more about a new and engaging website design, our search engine optimization services, social media marketing, or simply developing your own creative marketing strategy, shoot us an email and tell us about your business and current marketing goals.

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