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Twitter Becoming More Business-Friendly

By August 15, 2011December 15th, 2014Digital Marketing

Twitter has been a potential gold mine for businesses ever since it became a hotbed for… well, everybody! No matter what the product or service is that a business may have to offer, chances are good that a large portion of its target market will be on Twitter. The challenge has always been finding this market and providing them with interesting content that they’ll actually read, and, more importantly, using tweets to convert sales. This year, Twitter made the whole process a bit easier for businesses, as long as they were willing to open their wallets, with a new feature called “Promoted Tweets.”

Promoted Tweets show up at the top of Twitter’s search results and the timelines of the promoter’s followers to ensure the most visibility possible for a tweet without being too invasive (the idea being that the only people who see it are already looking for related information). The most effective and interesting Promoted Tweets I’ve seen were the ones promoting Shark Week, which got a ton of interaction and feedback from Twitter users. The cost of these Promoted Tweets are a little steep, however for small business owners like us, we are going to have to stick to organic tweeting for now, which can still be extremely effective.

As long as you can build a following that contains your target market and can grab their attention with interesting and relevant tweets, there is no reason you can’t sell your products or services on Twitter without having to shell out for the “top spots.” The way I see it, a loyal base of followers shouldn’t need to see an advertisement to read your content. Even though this can be significantly more difficult to achieve, in the end it will be cheaper, and potentially a lot more effective.

– Nate from HSM

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