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Easily recognizable by it’s leaning tower just north of Boston, Prince Pizzeria is the oldest family-owned pizzeria in America. Prince is a local favorite that offers more than just it’s famous pizza, they also host parties, events, provide catering services, and are home to the famous Giggles Comedy Club.

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The Problem

Prince came to HSM looking for a fresh look for their website while also incorporating important design elements such as colors, branding, and their signature red and white checkerboard tablecloth pattern that is an important element of the restaurant’s rich history. They were also in need of an organic search engine optimization campaign to put themselves in front of new customers in their local area.

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Our Solution

For their new website we implemented the traditional Prince branding while also adding new features and functionality such as updated menus, high-resolution photos, a robust schedule for Giggles Comedy Club, a dynamic sidebar, rotating homepage stories, and more. We also closely examined inbound traffic to determine the most popular pages for people on mobile devices. With that data we designed and developed a custom mobile website to ensure that Prince provides mobile visitors with quick and easy access to the basic information that they’re searching for. In addition, as part of a monthly search engine optimization campaign we put Prince at the top of search results for a variety of keywords and phrases that their customers are searching for. Not only have we have helped Prince establish a modern and user-friendly web presence while maintaining their unique personality, but we have increased their monthly website traffic tremendously and have helped foster new customers.

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The Results

Our custom digital strategy developed for Prince Pizzeria has resulted in a tremendous amount of new website traffic, a higher conversion rate, and new/repeat customers. Some exciting site metrics include:

Page views

Overall traffic

Time on site

Search visibility

Here we are four years into working with HSM and I’m still as excited as the first day I met them. I think of my website as a living, breathing part of my business that needs to be attended to each day. Every time I make a request, HSM response time is quick and their attention to detail exceeds my expectations. The SEO reporting data that I receive shows measurable results and is a powerful tool to run and grow my business. I would 100% recommend HSM.

Trish Castraberti, Owner

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