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Boston Area Casino? East Boston Group Says No

By June 6, 2012December 15th, 2014Digital Marketing

So who wouldn’t want a casino in their state? No more 2 hour drives back and forth to Connecticut to throw money away. Soon you will be able to do it in your own back yard.  At least you will be able to save money on gas.  Plans just came out to build a billion dollar casino at Suffolk downs and there are certainly mixed emotions. I can definitely see both sides to the argument being both positive and negative.

The truth is, I don’t think that a casino in your state really wouldn’t be a bad thing.  It is said to create roughly 6,500 jobs, bring in money to local business, increase tax revenue by $200 million, and also bring in concerts, athletic events, and Broadway productions.  So there are absolutely some benefits to having a casino nearby.

Again, as I stated before, I think a casino in your state is not a bad thing…living in the town where the casino is placed would be a whole different story.  The group “No Eastie Casino” is pleading their case to the state that a casino would ruin their beautiful, diverse town.  Members of the group have expressed that they already have an airport in their community and adding a casino would “blow them out of the water”.  As mentioned before, I do believe that there are some positives to a casino for a state.  However, for a small town, I think there can be more negatives than positives.  It’s a fact that crime rates would go up, as would drug and alcohol use, and traffic, along with the number of DUIs.  The group has created a website where you can enter your name on an online petition and have created Facebook and Twitter pages looking for all of the support they can get.

What are your thoughts about having a casino in your home state? And would your opinion change if that casino was in your back yard?

– Cole from HSM

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