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iPhone vs. Android: The Battle Intensifies

By January 6, 2011December 15th, 2014Digital Marketing

iPhone vs. Android: Who Wins?

It’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with all of the new technology being released on a weekly basis. It seems like every other day a new smartphone, tablet, or operating system is being launched, and it’s hard to keep up with, (even if you’re as involved with technology and business as we are). I can’t even imagine being our grandparents and trying to grasp all of this new innovation. One thing is clear, however: the battle between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms continues to intensify.

As of this very moment, Apple’s iOS is the top smartphone in the United States in terms of market share. However, Android is quickly gaining a significant portion of the market, especially among first-time smartphone buyers.

Nielsen recently released data from a smartphone market survey conducted in November 2010. The results of the survey? As expected, Apple remains the market leader with 28.6% of the smartphone market. RIM’s BlackBerry and Google’s Android platforms come in 2nd and 3rd place with 26.1% and 25.8%, respectfully.

However, if you look more closely at the data, Android is the clear winner. Android phones represent nearly 40% of the smartphone purchases made in the past 6 months (see chart below). Simple put, people are eating up these new smartphones boasting Android technology, and fast. The battle between Apple and Google will continue to intensify, with the two companies competing in more than just the smartphone market. The battle for market control in the tablet device market continues to put these companies head to head as well, and is certainly an exciting rivalry to watch.

Where does RIM’s BlackBerry fit into all of this? No where. People rave about the BlackBerry and how ideal it is for business. The truth is, with an iPhone or Android phone you can do everything the BlackBerry can do, and a tremendous amount more. The BlackBerry continues to lose market share each month, and iOS and Android will continue to be the dominant players in the market moving forward. It’s now a two-horse race.

So which phone should you choose? We’ve read the reviews, we’ve seen the comparisons, and we understand the technology behind Apple’s iphone and Google’s Android platform. The truth is, you really can’t go wrong with either technology. Despite being called a “walled garden,” by competitors, and critics quickly jumping to criticize AT&T’s notoriously weaker-than-most network, the iPhone is a statement, an industry leader, and will certainly not leave you disappointed. Rumor has it that a Verizon iPhone will be released in 2011 as well, with Verizon set to make an announcement on Tuesday, January 11th. Not to mention, an iPhone provides you with access to the enormous and high-quality App Store selection.

On the other hand, Android phones will soon overtake the iPhone in the smartphone market over the next few months, and offers users a wide-variety of different U.S. phone carriers and phones, as opposed to Apple. Android technology offers a very interactive user experience, offers blazing-fast speeds, and truly feels like a computer in your hand. The Anroid App Market continues to make great strides as well, and will eventually surpass Apple’s selection. It even allows you to publish your own apps, something Apple has yet to give the green light to regarding the App Store.

The bottom line? The Apple vs. Google rivalry is certainly exciting to watch. However, it doesn’t matter which brand you choose, you won’t be disappointed with Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Android phone.

Our preference? Joe: iPhone, Hugh: iPhone.


– Joe from HSM

Credit: Images from Mashable and The Nielsen Company.

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