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We’ve Rebranded

By December 12, 2014August 11th, 2015Digital Marketing, News

HSM-Rebrand-Announced-BlogThat’s right! After months of hard work we’re happy to announce that we’ve rebranded. More than just a simple facelift, we’ve refined our solutions, set up a new customer support center, and launched a state-of-the-art reporting dashboard for all customers.

Why the rebrand?

Our customer reach has expanded and we felt it was time to hit the refresh button. HSM customers now span dozens of states, two continents, and work in a wide-range of industries that include retail, creative services, restaurants, public relations, real estate, medical, law, education, athletics, technology, and more. Over the last year we took time to assess the needs of our customers, how they use our solutions, and how we could improve our offerings.

New features

On top of the new logo and colors, we’ve improved our ability to deliver complete solutions. Our new support website will make website updates, maintenance, and general support easier than ever. Customers will now be able to receive timely support via email, live chat, and simple support tickets. In addition, all clients get access to their very own customized reporting dashboard where they can view real-time insights into their website and campaigns, easily access and manage their account, view marketing reports, billing, payments, and more.

So, why the fox?

When we began assessing our core values four years ago, a recurring theme occurred: hide and seek. We chose our name based on our feeling that in today’s growing digital environment, too many businesses ignore the web and therefore struggle to find new customers. Our mission has always been to help clients stop playing hide & seek with their customers by establishing a sustainable digital presence, improving online visibility, and delivering measurable results.

We chose a fox for our logo to symbolize adaptability, intelligence, and skill. Our logo is clean, simple, and playful; we want our image to represent our modern design style while also reflecting the carefree fun of playing childhood games. Learn more about our logo on our about page.

Our new branding isn’t just cosmetic, it’s a reflection of what we stand for. Rest assured, however, that even though our look has changed our commitment to our customers hasn’t. Everything that makes HSM great will remain the same, only with an improved support system and state-of-the-art reporting that will bring real-time insights straight to your desk.

– Adam from HSM

HSM is a results-driven digital marketing company. We work with a wide-range of organizations across various industries to deliver impactful, measurable results through our powerful digital marketing solutions that include high-speed web hosting, website design & development, search engine marketing and digital advertising. Interested in learning what our solutions could mean for you? Shoot us a line and tell us about your project.