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Emphasis on Marketing with Meaning

By June 25, 2012December 15th, 2014Digital Marketing

With the advent of the Internet, our vast and culturally diverse world now appears to be within our daily reach. In some sense, the Internet has replaced the close-knit environments of secluded towns. The entire world is literally accessible through a small interactive (often portable) computer that will not only bring you face-to-face with people halfway across the world, but that will also allow you to converse in open dialogue with people vastly different from you, all connected by the Internet revolution.

As expected the digital age or Internet revolution has altered a plethora of professions and domains; one of those domains is marketing. With less attention spent on passive tactics like newspaper ads, and even to a lesser degree, commercials (since consumers are streaming television shows at an increasing rate online), Marketing professionals have to vary their tactics.

In the early 60s marketing executives experimented with the entertainment value of marketing, and how it appeals to the consumer. Trendy commercials and witty tag-lines accompanied the various products that consumers supposedly needed, or at least wanted.

There’s been a switch in marketing, a movement toward “marketing with meaning” as suggests. Those in the field of Marketing have always been concerned with the practicality of products, but today, this concern seems to be taking precedence over the former perceived “glitz” of marketing. As a part of their intricate ad campaign, Samsung has now installed Samsung phone charging stations in various airports, universities and other buildings. This is clever marketing with meaning. The consumers are given something they need (phone charging stations in convenient locations).

Practical marketing has even transcended into the magazine and television world. Dove’s natural beauty ads, in a sense, are marketing with meaning, because they’re providing viewers with examples of “real” non-airbrushed women, who are essentially contributing to the self-esteem, and self-acceptance of many women around the country. The women look nice, healthy but their look is also achievable for just about anyone (unlike runway models), and Dove provides not only inspiration, but also a practical way to achieve the natural everyday look of a healthy woman.

I particularly love free samples, food and drink samples, more specifically. When you utilize free samples, you’re giving consumers exactly what they need in that moment, and your brand Name is visible everywhere to everyone in the surrounding area while you’re doing it—even on the cups from which people are drinking.

– Cara from HSM

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