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5 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

By January 28, 2011December 15th, 2014Digital Marketing

Elevate Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

All business owners and managers who have considered social media as an extension of their marketing approach should be aware that there are some helpful steps to be taken prior to launching their campaigns. Here are 5 tips that can be referenced to when constructing these profiles.

1.     Integrate

Social media is not some new marketing idea; it’s simply a new avenue of getting your existing ideas out there. Include links or messages from your current marketing strategy on your Facebook or Twitter pages. Use social media to bring people to your actual site or other resource. Notify people of upcoming events, promotions, and allow people to sign up for newsletters and subscriptions. Use your social media profiles as an extension of your business.

2.     Amplify

Once you have created a following on your social profiles AMPLIFY and create awareness for your content in other places. Hold events, mention blogs on your websites, or reference to your company in current media topics. If your company has a weekly newsletter, has a press release, or any relevant happenings tweet about it and post to your media profiles. Adding social media buttons to these newsletters will allow people to retweet, thus enhancing your reputation. Mentioning and retweeting other peoples content such as tweets or posts will also shed good light on your own company. But remember, its quality over quantity in social marketing.

3.     Repurpose

Taking content that appears in one form and twisting it in ways that make it more available in another, or to another audience, is one of the secrets to success in the hyper info-driven marketing world in which we find ourselves.” If your company is hosting an event, provide information on a variety of your media profiles. Create a podcast to present audio from the event, or write a breakdown of the event in a series of blogs. There are truly endless possibilities in today’s media market. “Never look at any content as a single use, single medium, single act.

4.     Generate Leads

The main difference from the traditional means of generating leads to social media marketing is that in the social context exists the amplified “no selling allowed” culture. There are three steps in social media marketing to engage customers; “meet and engage in social media, lead to content elsewhere, content elsewhere presents the opportunity to buy.” Through your social media dealings you are essentially advertising your brand though creating relevant data people are willing to read, engage with, get to know, like, and trust.

5.     Learn

This step is similar to the social media hierarchy. Learn what is popular info, how to blog, how to get peoples attention etc. in order to create a successful social media profile. Follow those who have successful media campaigns and learn the approaches they are taking. Follow those in your industry to see what works and what doesn’t. By initialing sitting back and simply watching and learning you will develop the skills to become a great social marketer.

Taking these 5 tips into consideration when creating your social media campaign should certainly hold many benefits. So give social media marketing a try if the opportunity presents itself, but be careful and take your time. Get social and good luck!

Hugh from HSM

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