What is social media marketing?

If you’ve asked yourself this question before, you’re not alone. However, if you aren’t actively involved with social media marketing, you’re most likely missing out on opportunities to foster new customers and retain existing ones. Before allocating a company’s valuable resources, businesses must develop a strategic social media strategy that is ideal for them. It can be difficult to establish and maintain a company’s social media presence on a daily basis. It takes experience to do so effectively, which is where HSM comes in. We are experts in developing strategic social media strategies, and have a wealth of experience establishing, growing, and maintaining company pages on these networks. Further, a member of the HSM team will take the time to demonstrate to our clients how we use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to leverage your traditional marketing efforts and generate interest and a following behind your business.

Research competitive landscape

We research the competitive landscape and analyze how your competitors utilize their social media networks and pages.

Develop a customized social media strategy

Taking your vision, goals, and the activities of your competitors into consideration, we develop a customized social media strategy that makes sense for you and your business.

Page creation, maintenance, and management

We will create, maintain, and manage your company presence on the appropriate social media networks and implement your customized strategy on your behalf.

Build a community following

We are talented at developing a large and relevant following behind your brand and message. Each week we will continue to build this community that will receive your messages.

Engage and interact

Engagement and interaction is a key ingredient in social media marketing. We will engage with those interested in your messages, and develop a personal relationship with these people.

Publicize events and promotions

Social media networks are the perfect launching pad for any events or promotions related to your business. We will leverage these platforms for any newsworthy company events.