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Customers hosted through HSM benefit from an ultra-secure environment, state-of-the-art caching system, and a robust content delivery network (CDN) that produces fast page load speeds worldwide. Are security and backups a concern? These are two areas where large web hosting companies come up short, however, security and backups are two major building blocks of our WordPress-specific hosting solution. Our technology scans for threats and vulnerabilities daily and automatic restore points are created twice daily for all website files and databases in the case of a WordPress conflict or human error on your website.

What’s included

Ultra-secure environment
High-speed Google & Amazon servers
Data center location choices
Fine-tuned for WordPress
Optimized for performance & speed
Daily backups of all assets
Global content delivery network (CDN)
Free annual SSL certificate

Basic Shared HostingGoDaddy, Network Solutions, Bluehost, etc.

$ 99

Per Month
  • Shared server resources with thousands of other websites
  • No data center choices
  • Must be self-managed by customer
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Limited threat/malware scans
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Not optimized for WordPress performance
  • Standard page load speeds
  • Backups rarely offered
  • Multiple environments rarely offered
  • SSL certificates an additional $150 – 650/yr depending on type

High Performance WordPress HostingFine-tuned for WordPress Performance

$ 99

Per Month
  • High-performance Google & Amazon AWS servers
  • Data center options (US East Coast, Midwest, West Coast, Europe, Other)
  • Fully-managed hosting solution
  • Ultra-secure, proactive security software
  • Daily scans for vulnerabilities in software/plugins
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fine-tuned for WordPress performance
  • Lightning-fast page load speeds
  • Daily backups & restore points of all files & databases
  • Staging and dev environments included
  • Annual SSL certificate included
  • State-of-the-art caching technology
  • Global content delivery network (CDN)
  • Website login attempts limited
  • $99/month or $1089/year
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Security comes first

Having your business website hosted in an ultra-secure environment is more important than ever. Our US-based Google & Amazon server options meet the security demands of all of our customers, and our hosting solution employs security measures that will keep your website secure.

Lightning-fast hosting

Fast page loads can significantly impact key metrics such as time on site, page views per visit, returning visitors, and more. Our high-speed hosting solution is optimized for a secure and fast user experience across all devices.

Daily backups

We understand that mistakes can happen when making edits to your website. To prevent any loss of data or downtime we create restore points for all of your assets daily so that you’re safe in the case of an error or emergency.

Content delivery network

Our hosting solution is part of a robust content delivery network (CDN), which means cached copies of your website are stored in datacenters worldwide. Regardless of location, site visitors will be served a local copy of your website for optimal performance.

Optimized for performance

Our hosting solution is optimized and managed by both HSM and a team of dedicated hosting experts. This solution is customized specifically for WordPress websites to ensure an optimal user experience for your visitors across all devices.

We’re here to help

Have any questions, encounter an issue, or need other support? Our team is here to help! Timely support regarding your web hosting is available via simple support tickets on our support center and also via email and live chat.

What if I don’t have a WordPress website?

Our server is configured specially for WordPress, which results in a high-performance experience across websites powered by this robust content management system. These configurations may not improve server performance for websites that are not built on this platform. However, if you’re interested in moving your website to WordPress, please contact us to learn more about getting a project started.

Are there any discounts for hosting?

Yes, we are happy to provide customers with one month free when they choose our annual billing option instead of month-to-month pricing. The monthly fee is $99/month while the annual pricing is $1089/year.

If I switch to HSM what happens to my company email accounts?

Unfortunately, we do not offer email services or support in combo with our hosting solution. However, for customers who choose to host their website with us we are more than happy to make recommendations on how to avoid interruptions to email services. We can also offer guidance to customers looking to move to a cloud email provider for their email needs, such as Google Business.

How is my website transferred to the new server?

Getting you up and running on our server is easy! You can either provide us with a zip file of your website files and database, or our team can transfer everything for you for a one-time fee.

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